Is internet connection included?

No. Reason is you would be sharing same internet connection with other office
tenants. Shared resources such as internet connection is not always a good
idea. Since some people can use more bandwidth than others, hence slowing down
the internet connection speed.

If someone is doing heavy uploading of music, movies and graphics on frequent
basis for example, you may experience slow connection speeds and intermittent
connection. In order to avoid any complications and claims by clients occupying
the offices of Valencia Office Suites, we encourage you to make your own
arrangements for internet connection such as DSL or T1 lines.

ATT & T is currently the main provider of these service for this area and
building. The building and offices are brand new and hence are pre wired for
the new standard in fastest connection speeds possible. Internet connection
speeds available for Valencia Office Suites are among the fastest in the area,
compared to older buildings with outdated wiring and communication systems that
are used to provide internet and phone connection.

We do provide Wifi internet connection for the shared confrence room. There you can make streaming presentations, access the internet through latest flat screen tv and streaming dvd player with hundreds of applications, such as you tube, facebook, twitter, pandora, net flix, etx.